A Grain of Sand

Things happen. Good things, bad things, terrible things, amazing things, things that make you want to laugh out loud( surely not as frequently as the average text conversation would suggest), things that make you want to cry, and things that make you think…a lot. The big question we all ask is why. Does everything really happen for a reason? And if so for what reason? Is there someone up above presiding over us all coming up with all of these reasons? I like to think things do happen for some other cause. A door is closed whilst another is opened. But why do I think that? Why not just believe that everything is random and that everything is just blind luck? Ill tell you why. Because that thought is scary. I don’t want to think that I’m alone and insignificant in this huge country, planet, universe. This is also why I think people turn to religion. I said this to a friend once and she said everyone wants to feel more significant than a grain of sand. A tiny spec of sand is huge compared to our comparative size in the universe. Believing that someone is watching over you or, that there is a plan for your life warms the soul. It’s something worth living for. A reason to carry on. Many criminals or people who have made bad mistakes in life often turn to religion for this very reason. Lost in the world they need guidance that they never had. With religion comes a personal significance in the unfathomably vast universe. An inner belief that someone cares. Self belief. Religion is one route but there are many others. It is this part of religion panders to the weak. This is not to say it is a bad thing on the contrary faith in any form is not just important it is vital. I use vital in the very essence of the word, without faith life is misdirected, lost, and vague. Faith is the driving force that guides a good life. Faith in a God, an energy, a whatever. Some people have faith in other’s. For this it requires more trust than I posses although, I think, when you are truly in love it is different. Faith is Love, I think. It’s all the same, it is vital.


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