Bird’s Eye You

I walked out this summer looking for something. A bird jumped across the cut lawn of a blue house. I wondered if it knew the house was blue or not.  I thought not at first but then remembered that some hummingbirds only suck pollen from brightly colored flowers, and that some birds find mates by being colorful. The bird may see the blue house but he does not know it is a home.

He soon left the lawn and flew into a large oak tree that stood proudly in the center of the cut lawn in front of the blue house.  There he sat, looking upon the world with eternal wisdom for he knew nothing but instinct. From his vantage point he could see for a mile in every direction. In one direction he could see green fields and other trees with other nests in them. In the opposite direction stood a block of flats and a jet black road leading somewhere he had not traveled. Inside him was no yearning to discover the roads end, or a feeling of sadness about the concrete landscape.

He dropped down two branches to the sound of his favorite song. No morality to ponder or reason to wrestle, he just was,is,has. He must survive, that is all. Why did you choose  this tree little bird? Is the red car  in the blue house’s driveway nicer than the yellow car next door? Maybe you prefer the manicured lawn in front of the Blue house? Do the owners of the Blue house earn more money than the owners of the yellow car?

At the end of the road construction workers began to drill at the gray tarmac that sheeted the pavement. When i looked back up at the tree he was gone. I searched each branch but he was nowhere to be seen. I thought that perhaps he had returned to walk on the grass but again he was absent. The sun had moved behind the blue house now casting a long shadow over the cut lawn.

There, motionless under a honeysuckle , was the little brown bird.  Laying silently in the big blue house’s cold shadow.


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