The Scot & the Paddy

As the sum of a million rays make up the sun’s powerful gaze, so it is that  two souls make up the rory and daves.

 A scot and a paddy so wistfully entwined, to love and to hold they are surely inclined.

Their beauty and love they hold and they make, there nationalities are totally fake.

 The proud scottish warrior is actually a dragon, just like the boy who was born in a wagon.

 The irish girl with soft  darkened skin, is from Botswana said her maternal kin.

Forth to peranthood these muggles went, to bare two children of quadruple descent.

And now as i struggle to come up with a rhyme, I must tell of my love while there is still time.

You two have have loved me like a real brother, in the kindest way you deserve each other.


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