Dear Friend

walking with braxtonTwo roads brake and meander with fervent curves and turns. Not passionate but weighty and informative. Powerful, but jest if we can take a step off and see the one road that leads through mountain tops, circles peaks and arches beyond the horizon. No road exists so vehemently as the one that surely trails through the imagination. No starting place is needed nor any destination required. For the old two roads have been flowing in directions never to be foreseen. There’s a sensation that levitates somewhere deep within my chest. It rises only when I step off the road here. When I stand away I feel serenity and a soft tranquility raises me up and stars my eyes. My  mentality is clouded until the roads in the distance meet. There, in that place, at that moment, for existence and clarity, my dear friend, for laughter, torture and growth we meet. And follow the road.


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