Night Terrors


We slept until 4 in the morning. That was the time we both knew she was leaving forever. The bed grew colder like the branches of trees in the winter. Frostbitten, I turned into the warm duvet and she kissed me on the neck. I peered through the sheets at her thin ankles as she left the room. The bed was too big.

Then I felt her back in her bed squeezing my neck, clinching my ribs.  My eyes wouldn’t open but I felt her squeeze harder. I got up. The cold air clung to the uneven floorboards. Who was behind me? A light, on the floorboards, red and pinpoint, followed my thick ankles as I left the room. The bed was too big.

She had gone again so I did laps. Turning back to front across the cool, white covers. Then she was there and I felt what I craved at night. Her warm breath on my back, the smell of hair, soft and venomous.  Her hands held my throat. Her thumbs dug in where only her lips had been. Betrayed, I forced open my eyes and grabbed at her body. Never in my life has a cold bed felt more like nothing.


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